There are almost countless names and specific uses for splints, and no one understands this better than TMD Technologies. Our laboratory is dedicated exclusively to fabricating the highest quality splints, carefully fitted to your patients models.

Splints are sometimes called a “POP” or Piece of Plastic. The difference between a “POP” and an orthosis is understanding why a particular orthosis is used, and more importantly how a particular clinician is using it. In other words, the difference comes from personally understanding the clinician's specific needs--and this is where TMD Technologies shines.

We understand that no one knows your TMD patients like you do. You've taught your staff how to comfort them--and how to take both a bite registration and excellent impressions. The meds, the psychology, the therapies, the insurance companies... you've learned that many things have to come together--with excellence--for successful treatment.

At TMD Technologies, providing orthotics and customer service at the highest level of excellence is the only thing we choose to do. That's why every orthotic made for you is made for you. The result? Better orthotics for you, your patients, and your bottom line.

Try us once. Experience the difference that excellence can make. You may never be tempted to hire your own technician again.